With the motherhood trend hitting Hollywood, celebrity moms are looking for fashionable clothing that coordinates with their own style. Designers and clothing stores are now offering matching Mommy and Me clothing and footwear in their collections. With big designers like Valentino and Christian Louboutin designing large and small versions of their clothing and accessories, they have mothers flocking to buy their designer duds.

katie and sure matching plum shoesKatie & Suri Go Bloch

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are no strangers to fashion, normally sporting the latest in high fashion for mom and daughter. The fashion forward pair were spotted at Barney’s wearing matching plum-colored Bloch flats for their shopping excursion. This is a change to Suri’s regular kitten-heeled shoes that she is normally seen wearing. The company Bloch London sells matching mother-daughter flats in a variety of colors and have also been seen on the feet of child actresses Parker and Alexandra Fong who play Lily in Sex and the City.

SJP & James Wilkie Trudge in Uggs
sarah jessica parker and son wearing matching uggs
Boys can also get in on the fashion action by matching with mommy. Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker can’t help but inflict style on her little man, James Wilkie Broderick. They were both seen wearing matching Uggs on their daily jaunt around the city. The warm winter boots are the perfect footwear when trudging around New York City.

Angelina & Zahara Coordinate Valentino
angelina jolie and zahara with matching valentino bags
Mommy and Me fashion doesn’t stop at footwear. Angelina Jolie and her daughter Zahara even coordinated accessories by carrying matching white Valentino purses. Although many mothers would love to coordinate with their baby in Valentino, they’re not up for the high cost of baby fashion. Valentino is best left for celebrity babies.

There are many affordable online stores that offer Mommy and Me clothing at a lower price. You can also buy matching Mommy and Me clothing by commissioning a designer on an online handmade marketplace. If you can’t find something that will work for both you and baby, find shoes and accessories that color coordinate to give you the same effect. You and your little one will be a match made in fashionista heaven.