It is a widely known fact that boots are one of women’s shoe closet must-have. They’re comfortable, stylish and they add a little pizzazz to whatever outfit you are wearing, regardless of the season. All year round, you get to play around with these versatile footwear.

However, what should one look into when choosing the perfect pair of boots? If worn wrong, boots could make your legs unattractively short or stubby, which is far from what we want to achieve. Here’s a few tips on selecting the right pair of boots.


Your height can influence the type of boots you should be wearing. For tall girls choosing a pair, one should look into something that will accentuate those long, slender legs. The best type of boots for these women would be ankle type or calf length boots since they add a bit of width to their legs and at the same time highlighting those to-die-for legs. For shorter women, the best kind of boots would be those that fall just below the knee, giving the illusion of longer legs.


Depending on the look you’re going for, the style of boots which will fit you will vary as well. If you’re going for a chic and sophisticated look, ankle booties with stilettos, block heels or a wedge would be great options. If you want to go for a casual and laidback style, then flat slouchy or combat boots would be good picks.


IF you’re wearing calf-length boots or ankle boots which would show a bit of skin between your boots and the hem of your dress, then you can wear hosiery or socks. You can choose from a variety of hosiery available like opaque tights, solid colored tights, patterned tights, etc. You can also choose a similar color of legwear to your boots to give a slimming illusion.


Make sure that your boots fit you well, or else you’d be frowning from discomfort rather than smiling at the style of your boots. Make sure they fit well in the ankle and in the calf area otherwise they would look frumpy on you. You should also choose materials which will allow your feet to breathe such as leather, etc.