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Shopping online at Eastbay.com has always been such a delightful experience for me. I literally have no problems making transactions with Eastbay. Everything from ordering online, contacting customer service, to receiving my order, is such a breeze.

But let’s find out what other customers have to say about them. To make this possible, I did some research about Eastbay reviews and compiled them for your convenience. Also, feel free to add in your personal Eastbay review below.

Summary of Eastbay reviews

I carefully read various customer reviews from some of the respected online review sites like ePinions, Bizrate, and Yelp. As expected, most shoppers have the same positive feedback as mine. We all agree that Eastbay.com is indeed a fantastic place to buy athletic shoes, clothes, accessories and gears. Their Eastbay reviews are so good that I almost feel like ordering again from Eastbay.com

Here’s a synopsis of reviews and raves on Eastbay that are really worth sharing:

“Great selection, great prices and timely delivery of merchandise make shopping at Eastbay.com such a no brainer! I always buy from Eastbay for all my sporting goods needs!!!”

“Eastbay has the best prices by far because they have different promotions running quite often. I have never heard of them before but I’m glad I found their site, as their prices, shipping, and quality of merchandise are definitely top-notch.”

“Being from Australia, I had never ordered from an international store before, and I was extremely satisfied with Eastbay’s customer service, and the delivery and the quality of the products ordered. It was overall a great experience!”

“I ordered a set of running shoes, and used an online Eastbay coupon to further reduce the price. My shoes arrived sooner than expected. I couldn’t be any happier with my purchase, and would absolutely buy again from Eastbay.com.”

“I was very impressed with how quickly we got our orders from Eastbay. Fast shipping, great customer support, and excellent product quality as well. No complaints or whatsoever!”

“I am a recurring customer of Eastbay. Their prices, shipping and order process are constantly good. Of all the 7+ orders I’ve placed over the last 7 months, each one has arrived satisfactorily. Thank you so much Eastbay!”

These customer testimonials manifest one thing, Eastbay is truly awesome!

These are just some of the many favorable Eastbay reviews from customers. I really hope that this synopsis has helped you decide to consider Eastbay.com on your next online shopping.

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