Endless Returns


Purchasing shoes online can be an intimidating process, especially if you haven’t done it before. No need to worry! Endless’s return policy is superb! Many questions come to mind when ordering online. Is it going to fit? What is the process for returning items if I am not satisfied with the order?

Well, it can actually be easier to buy shoes or apparel online. You may be able to return the items without having to go anywhere, whereas if you bought the items at a store you would still have to find the time to go back to the store to return them.

Endless’s Return and Exchange Policy

A good tip for anyone shopping online at apparel or shoe stores is to take the time to look at the company’s policy on returns and exchanges.

Endless’s policy is great! They take pride in offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee with free overnight shipping as well as free return shipping for 365 days on all of their shoes and handbags as well as accessories.

Note: Take the time to check their online site by selecting this link.

There are many reasons for having to return goods that may have been purchased online.  A lot of the time it usually isn’t because of poor customer service or the company itself.  However, if it is an issue with the company, please let me know so I can post the comments on my Endless review section of this site.