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Footsmart Coupons and Reductions

Heel treatment couponsLooking for coupons with shoes and products that deal with your knee pain, heel pain or even dry, cracked heels? Well, you have come to the right place. As a coupon addict myself, I used to have difficulty searching for the exact promo codes I’m looking for. This is why I created this page so I can help you and other people save time in seeking the right deal for the right product!

If you’re wondering why some offers don’t have actual codes, they could be because they might be link activated. This means that you don’t need a code to avail of the discount, you just have to click the link and voila, you can already avail the promotion! You can also view my Footsmart Promotions and Coupon codes for even more coupons.

Footsmart Coupons Summary

When you’re searching for latest Footsmart promo codes, never miss to check this page because we might just get you great discounts for a comfy pair of Footsmart shoes.

Shopping for a Cause with Footsmart.com

stop diabetes logoDiabetes is an increasing problem in our society for the new millennium. As far as our statistics are concerned, the alarming rise of new Diabetes cases is not good for our citizens. Footsmart supports the American Diabetes Association in fighting Diabetes. It has donated more than a hundred thousand dollars to this association which came from its income and customers’ voluntary donations. If you have a brother, sister or a family member who has Diabetes, then you must know how difficult it is. Support this cause by shopping or directly donating to Footsmart.com, .

Footsmart Featured Product

I’m sure you have heard that people suffering from Edema, Varicose veins and uncontrolled Diabetes are required to elevate their legs to promote blood circulation. Did you know that you are at risk for poor circulation too? Millions of men and women are not aware of this fact. Due to the pull  of gravity, our body is challenged to circulate the blood from our feet back to the heart. This is why it is highly recommended that we elevate our legs atleast 15 minutes a day to help aid in circulation.

Foot elevator couponsFootsmart.com, in it’s dedication to provide physical well being for our body, created a product called Leg Elevator. They not only relieve the pain from our aching feet, they also improve blood circulation and maintain the right body posture. You can even sleep while using them overnight, keeping you adequately energized for the following day. Apart from having great reviews from its users, the foot elevator is also made of high quality and durable materials so they can actually last for years. They are priced at $79.99 each. Once in a while, Footsmart.com offers coupon codes or discounts for this product so keep visiting our page, cause you might just get this great catch at a lower cost!

  • #1 written by Lou
    about 6 years ago

    I went online to order a leg elevator which is $79.99. Footsmart says free shipping if over $75 but the online order process still tried to charge me $12.99 for shipping. I called Footsmart and ordered directly but they were still including $12.99 for shipping. I told the the rep that the ad says Free shipping if over $75. He took off the shipping charge off.

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