There’s no doubt about it, Glitter shoes are one of the hottest trends this holiday season. What once was considered appropriate for kids to wear during parties and costume balls are now considered must-haves by fashionistas everywhere. However, if worn wrong, you could end up looking like you’re going to some costume party as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. So how do we wear these shoes in this modern age without looking like you just stepped of some broadway musical? Here are some tips to consider:

How to choose glitter shoes:

First of all, stay away from bright colored sequins like Red, Pink or other neon colors. Opt for more muted colors like Black, Gold, Silver or Gunmetal since they are more versatile and more wearable. Flats, Oxfords and Pumps are good choices.

Wear them with:

Flats- Choose a loose-fitting chiffon dress in nude or black, with interesting details like a high-low hem or ruched waist.

Oxfords- Wear your boyfriend blazer over a basic white top and your best pair of skinny jeans.

Pumps- Opt for interesting variations on leg wear. Skip the plain denier tights and opt for a printed one instead or try liquid leggings. Pair them with a solid colored bodycon dress and cover up with a suit jacket. Wear a cross over body bag or a basic clutch to complete your look.