kristen-stewart-fashionKristen Stewart was recently named the best dressed woman in the world by the popular fashion magazine Glamour UK. This was a result of Kristen’s recent style evolution. She was once never seen in anything more than a casual t-shirt and jeans paired with, of course, flat shoes or sneakers, but this is not true now. In her spare time she’s still seen in her trusty flat shoes, but when its red carpet time, or if she needs to make an impact at an event she opts for a pair of fashionable high heels.

snow-white-huntsman-movie-star-kristen-stewartKristen Stewart gained international fame when she starred in the ultra successful Twilight film series. This wasn’t the first big role for Stewart who has been acting since she was nine years old. In fact, one of her first major roles was way back in 2002 when she starred in Panic Room alongside Jodie Foster. Since then Kristen has achieved much success, and she has the films Snow White and the Huntsman, which she has currently been promoting, and her the much anticipated film On the Road, based on the classic novel by Jack Kerouac, which is coming out soon.

kristen-stewart-converse-shoesIn the past Kristen would often wear flat shoes, which often prompted fashion critics to wonder why a young actress in the spotlight would choose casual footwear over glamorous heels. Kristen has stated herself that she feels as though her feet hate her and she says that wearing heels is to blame. In the past, Kristen often teamed converse with her red carpet wear, such as at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, but this garnered her some criticism with the fashion crowd. Kristen, however, has changed her style somewhat recently and lately she has been wearing heels frequently.

kristen-stewart-shoe-misfitAlthough Kristen does not always wear high heels like some other celebrities, her recent style evolution has seen her reach for her heels more and more. This does not mean however, that Kristen doesn’t have the occasional shoe misfit. At a few premieres Kristen has been seen sporting heels that don’t fit her properly, such as at the Twilight Eclipse premier in Los Angeles. At the premier she wore a pair of ill-fitting beige Louboutin heels, which were clearly too big for her.

Kristen’s red carpet style has evolved immensely. She now only shuns heels in her off time, but when promoting her movies on the red carpet, Kristen loves to pair her evening gowns with heels rather than converse.