lindsay-lohan-fashionFor some reason, we all love comparing celebrities who end up wearing either the same dress or shoes. Sadly enough for Lindsay Lohan, she has been losing the fashion game for quite some time now. We know she had lots of ups and downs over the years and the difficult times might have caught up with her sense of style. Critics are saying that Lindsay seems to have an awfully distressed sense of fashion lately with lots of wrong shoe choices and awkward mix and match outfits.

If you are a Lindsay Lohan fanatic and is quite distressed as well with what is happening with her shoe style, we will help you get back on fashion track once again with wonderful styling ideas with more or less the same shoe style.


Lindsay Lohan versus Sarah Connor.

Lindsay was also seen wearing the Balmain Suede Zipped Ankle Boots, which she paired up with a very odd-looking dress shirt and jacket. She simply placed the wonderfully stylish boots to shame. Sarah Connor, however, put those zipped boots back to high fashion when she wore them with hot pink dress with black belt while sporting a very short blonde hair. She totally rocked the outfit.


Lindsay Lohan versus Olivia Palermo.

There seems to be a thing with Lindsay and boots as she once again makes it to the worst dressed list of fashion critics when she was caught by paparazzi wearing the Sergio Rossi blue boots. She paired the blue boots with a white tee and daisy dukes.

Blue boots is something that takes a lot of fashion sense to make it blend with the whole outfit. We have seen Miley Cyrus wear blue boots and it looks horrific as well. The only celebrity who wore blue boots we love would be Olivia Palermo when she paired it with a sweater tunic and fur-lined beige coat. She made blue boots a natural ensemble to a certified Upper East Side chic.

lindsay-lohan-madam-butterfly-bootiesWho else can wear sky high Louboutin stilettos to court? Lindsay Lohan. Paired with a long black dress, a gray vest and a thick triple-buckle belt, it’s just one of Lindsay’s courtroom couture. The $1,195 Madame Butterfly booties are fab, no doubt about that, but the controversy surrounding it has raised more than a few eyebrows.