Ladies can take tips on what shoes not to wear from Lindsay Lohan. She is known for some of the worst celeb shoe fashions. Check out some of Lindsay’s worst shoe disasters below, so you never make the same mistakes as her.

Lindsay lohan's worst shoeGold Space Sandals

What is with these shoes? Lindsay looks like she’s about to go to a beach in outer space in these horrific gold metallic sandals. Seriously, what is with the ankle cufflet covering her heel, ankle, and leg? Ankle cufflets do not look good on just about anyone. Make a note to yourself to never buy these shoes, or any shoes that look anything like them. Gold metallic and ankle cufflets are both shoe properties that you want to avoid.

Zipper-Crossed Boots

lindsay lohan's ugly zipper bootsWhile zippers and boots can both be fashionable items in their own right, sometimes they should just not be combined, as is the case with this footwear choice of Lohan’s. Those shoes look appropriate for a horror movie gala, but that’s about it. Plus, they don’t look comfortable; so, it’s not like she can even try to fall back on comfort as an excuse for wearing these horrific boots. This look is giving black boots a bad name, which is a shame, because when worn correctly they can be rather fashionable.

lindsay lohan's ugly bootsDenim Blue Leather Foldover Slouch Riding Boots

Here is Lindsay ruining the reputation of boots, yet again. The denim blue color of the leather these boots are constructed of is enough to make anyone want to look away. Aside from the terrible color, these boots are still ugly in other ways. The foldover at the top of each boot is far too large, giving them an awkward appearance. Plus, the boot construction seems to be some sort of mix of riding boot, Western boot, and slouch boot – which is not a winning combination.

A Learning Experience

If you can learn anything from Lindsay Lohan’s fashion choices, it is to never buy or wear shoes like hers. She is the poster child for bad shoe design choices.