rihanna-ugly-shoesHave you every noticed how ugly Rihanna’s feet are? She is such a pretty girl so it’s really surprising when you look down at her feet. She tends to make bold shoe choices that just don’t compliment her feet or overall good sense of style for the rest of her body. If you haven’t seen Rihanna’s feet or shoe choices, prepare yourself.

Recently Rihanna was wearing what looked like a tomboy outfit complete with cut-off shorts, a backwards cap and flannel shirt. She tried to hide her big ugly feet, but her shoes were hideous that looked like really ugly bowling shoes. Seriously, how could her feet breathe in those things?

rihanna-ugly-shosRihanna was also spotted getting some shopping done at Barneys NYC. While her dress was stunning and her hair and make-up looked fabulous, her feet just ruined the outfit. She ended up wearing flat black sandals that had an interesting strap around the ankle. This type of shoe would have been better off for someone with small feet. Unfortunately, Rihanna’s huge ugly feet just couldn’t do the shoe justice. She does deserve credit though for at least painting her toenails to match.

For Rihanna’s last ugly feet picture there aren’t really many words to describe her shoe choice. She was wearing a high-heeled shoe that was a cross between a boot and peep toed pump with an open back. While her overall outfit was pretty simple with a white shirt, black leggings and a scarf, the shoes just didn’t do her justice. You can see the shoes yourself at

Yes, sure Rihanna’s feet are ugly, but who doesn’t have a body part that they are ashamed of. Rihanna would be better off if she owned up to her feet problems and tried to pick shoes that weren’t so controversial or trendy and choose shoes that complement her feet. A pair of nice black flats would look fabulous on her feet. Even a pair of pointy, closed toe shoes would be a great choice. Not only would they accentuate her long legs, but they would hide her feet and all their flaws.