red clothRed is a symbol of social status, power, and sex appeal. Research shows that Red can make women look highly attractive to men and vice versa. Red, being the color of the popular flower Rose and being the striking color that lipsticks are made from, it can even be more emphasized through the proper coordination of colors. Since the red color is a happy color, it can spice up the event or party even more.

If you happen to have a red dress in your wardrobe, yet seem to have trouble deciding which pair of shoes to match it with, then here’s a guide to the shoe colors that will match your red dress:

Beigered dress beige sandals
Beige is a neutral color. For fair-skinned women, this color is closest to the natural skin tone. Therefore, when you wear your red dress, the attention is more focused on your upper half, rather than the shoes. This makes your red dress stand out from your whole look.

red dress red sandalsWhat is more easy to match than red with red. Just make sure that the red shade of your dress and shoes are the same in color. It won’t look striking if the two reds aren’t really the same, literally, in color and hue. Try wearing your red dress paired with your red pumps or stilettos at least a day or two before an event. So if the hues are too different, you still have time to mix and match.

Goldred dress gold sandals
Red and Gold mixed together makes a classic pair. In Chinese festivals, Red will always be matched with Gold. The powerful and Elegant mix of these two colors won’t let you down, especially on Formal occasions since you can easily pair your look with gold jewelry as accessory.

red dress silver sandalsThe silver color also makes a good match with Red. Similar to gold, it creates a sophisticated look which you can carry along even on the Red Carpet. You can also try wearing silver sandals or peep toe shoes with glittery designs and you’ll definitely shine among the crowd.